Emphasizing the respect it has for users' privacy, the toolbox requests mobile numbers from users during purchases so that it can provide users with purchase receipts, follow-ups, and display purchase history. The user is only granted access when it is required to activate a tool. If the user does not approve a specific access, only the tools that need it will be disabled and other parts will be available to the user. Revoking permissions does not disable the entire Toolbox application. Also, the toolbox collects the following information anonymously from the user by installing or using the application. This information is collected to the extent necessary and appropriate for purposes such as studying the cause of error reporting and improving system bugs and user experience when using the toolbox website and application, as well as marketing research and providing more relevant services and purchase suggestions to users. are used in a way that is not directly related to a specific and specific real person. - Device type, language and operating system type of your device, Android ID and Android advertising ID specific to your device, searches performed on the toolbox website and application and selected results, duration and intervals of your use of the toolbox, technical information and reports Server including network type and browser type and version This information is used only by Toolbox and is not shared with any other business partner. In case of crashes, the following information is collected to study the cause of the crash and fix the error: Note that the toolbox only sends the login code to the application via SMS and you will not receive any other SMS from the toolbox. Therefore, sending any other SMS under the title Toolbox is a violation and abuse of the Toolbox name, and if you receive such a SMS, please inform [email protected] for legal follow-up.
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